#30for60 Week 1 Check-In

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Good Monday morning! Week 1 of the 30 for 60 Challenge is already in the books!

30 for 60 Graphic

Here’s a quick rundown of my workouts:

Monday: Abs and upper body supersets for 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Tuesday: One hour of all levels hot yoga. I’m so glad I’ve begun my yoga practice again, I can tell I’ve been out of it.

Wednesday: I started to feel tired, weak, and run down on Wednesday. I thought it was allergies – but as I sit here now with a full blown cold, I know otherwise. So, I took the long way to and from work, for a 30 minute total walk.

Thursday: Legs/Abs Tabata workout. As much as I love working in a gym, I don’t always love working out in it. I like being able to do workouts at home when the mood strikes me. Then I went for a 30 minute run that wasn’t so pleasant thanks to this cold.

Friday: RPM, of course! I rode 20 miles in 51 minutes, which is my typical pace, so apparently indoor workouts are okay on my lungs/breathing.

Saturday: I held a bake sale to raise money for my Reach the Beach team, so I spent the entire day baking. Literally, from 12:30 in the afternoon to 5 in the afternoon, I baked, and cleaned. So, I counted that as my workout for the day. I didn’t sit once in that 4 1/2 hours.

Sunday: I tried to run again yesterday. I had 9 miles on the agenda, but that definitely didn’t happen. I ran a measly 2.88 miles in 33 minutes. It was AWFUL. Windy, cold, coughing, breathing problems, you name it.

So, there you have it folks. Even through a head cold I got all of my #30for60 workouts in. I’m not sure what I’m going to do today, honestly. Maybe I’ll just go for a walk, or maybe I will do some stretching for a while. I will get something in, but it certainly won’t be strenuous.

How did everyone do  in the #30for60 Challenge last week?


April Goals

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Happy April 2nd. Most people post their monthly goals on the first, but I was still creating my training plan then. The next 6 weeks are going to be intense. First up is the Newport 10 Miler on April 28th (4 weeks away), then the United Healthcare Half Marathon (Part of the Cox Rhode Races – 6 weeks away), and then the icing on the cake for spring – Reach the Beach (7 weeks away).

While creating my training plan it really dawned on me just how important it is going to be to keep my body healthy and happy, which is what my April goals are all about.

1) 96 oz. of hydration per day. Water, Nuun, decaf tea – anything to keep me well hydrated. And of course, laying off the alcohol. I’ve been doing very well with this since mid-March. I will have a couple of drinks on the weekend but that’s about it now. (118 oz. yesterday!)

2) Make sure I’m eating enough. I read an article the other day about female athletes and dietary needs. It outlined the dangers of high activity levels versus low caloric intake. It was definitely an eye opener, and I honestly don’t think I’m eating enough. I am now tracking my meals with a very specific calorie goal per day that is tailored to my activity level (including at work, at home, and my workouts). I can’t wait to see what the difference is in my energy levels and my muscle tone once I start eating “enough.” I met that goal yesterday without a problem, and felt great!

3) Keep up with #30for60. Last time I ran the #30for60 challenge I wasn’t a very good leader – I didn’t even complete all 60 days. This time I will definitely complete all 60 days – and with the training plan I’ve created so far for April, that will not be a problem!

4) Yoga. Once a week. I went to an all levels yoga class last week for the first time in 2 1/2 months – and boy could I tell I’m out of practice. I used to take a power basic class every Thursday night, but I’m not so sure I could handle that right now. I want to get back to, and beyond, the point I was at last spring before I stopped going regularly.

5) Take up indoor rock climbing. My best friend Jen goes indoor rock climbing regularly. I’ve been once, but I loved it. I even bought a climbing harness with the REI gift card I got for Christmas. Now I have to commit to doing it – I’m sure I can get her to help  me see to that.

6) Run at least 75 total miles. That’s about 30% more miles than I ran in March, which is my highest distance month since August. I know as long as I take care of myself (stretching, foam rolling, The Stick…), that I can do this. I just have to be careful.

That’s quite the list of things to do this month! This is all on top of my training schedule which gets really crazy around Mid-April. That’s when I have to start focusing on training for Reach the Beach by doing some crazy stuff like running twice a day!

What are your goals for the month of April?


Five for Friday: Summer Bucket List

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Happy Friday! With spring here (and it finally feels that way!), naturally I’m thinking about summer. I am so grateful to live in a state where I have easy access to the ocean – I never take it for granted, I am a beach girl through and through! I started thinking of things I want to do this summer and thought here would be a good place to share those ideas with you – local peeps, I’d love for you to join me!

1) Take a beach yoga class. My favorite beach, Narragansett Town Beach, offers beach yoga classes throughout the summer. I have been wanting to take one for years – 2013 is the year I make that happen.



2) Tour a local winery (or 2 or 3). From what I dug up on Google, there are 7 wineries in Rhode Island. I’ve been to 1. Now that I’ve gone gluten free and I’ve had to give up my beloved beer, I know I will be diving more into wine exploration. So why not visit vineyards and try local wines? I’ve had the wine from Sakonnet Vineyards before, but just a couple types, I’d love to visit and see what else they have to offer.



3) Go trail running. Every summer I say I’m going to go trail running, and every summer I don’t do it. The summer of 2013 will be my 4th summer as a runner – I say it’s about time, don’t you?



4) Go to Block Island. I’ve lived in Rhode Island for 3o of my 31 years on this planet and I’ve been to Block Island once. I think this is going to be a trip with my parents – after all, having a stepdad that’s a private pilot does have it’s perks! A couple of years ago I took a flight with my parents to Martha’s Vineyard for lunch and a trip to the beach and it was a great time – now I want to duplicate that only on Block Island!


5) Go to a Red Sox game. As most of you know, my love for the Red Sox runs deep. Yet, I haven’t been to Fenway Park since I was 20 years old. Problem, right? Right. I will make it a point to see a Red Sox game this summer, no matter what!


I love this view! (Source)

What’s on your summer 2013 bucket list? I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Easter to those that celebrate!


Live Your Dream and Share Your Passion

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A favorite quote of mine, from my favorite “This is your life…” inspirational quote picture. This dawned on me today in the middle of yoga class. It’s been over 2 1/2 months since I last took a yoga class. While the sweat dripped off of my forehead onto my mat while in downward dog, I had an epiphany…

Don’t ever quit doing something you’re passionate about.

Sounds pretty simple, right? This is my life and it starts today.

Living my dream:

Building RunCupcake Fitness. I started RunCupcake Fitness because I want to help people reach their goals – whether it be weight loss, run a 5k, chase a PR, just get fit, or anything else in between – I want to be the person that helps people live their dreams.

Become an efficient yogi. I was at a point about a year ago where I was taking 90 degree power yoga every Thursday night, and I was strong enough to get into and hold tripod headstand. I want to get back to and beyond that.

Run better, run stronger. Notice I didn’t say run faster. I’d like to do that too – but it’s not as important to me as becoming a better, stronger runner. Right now I still suffer from pain in my right IT band from the injury I sustained after running RnR NOLA LAST YEAR! Unacceptable – leg strength, leg stretching, foam rolling, are all becoming integral parts of my fitness routine.

Live life for me. It’s taken me a long time to come to grips with this – I always want to help people, do for people, bend over backwards for people – and it kills me. No more.  I will ALWAYS be there for my friends and family, don’t get me wrong. But I have to put me first. I started that last week – going gluten free, scheduling my workouts around the rest of my life so that I don’t miss them, yet making sure I have time to see my parents, my best friend, etc… It’s a lot easier than I ever thought it would be. I’m even taking myself on a mini-vacation by spending the entire Boston Marathon weekend in Boston – with a 10 mile run on my schedule, it’ll be so nice to explore Boston on foot!

I announced in January that 2013 was going to be an amazing year – it’s had a couple of minor less than pleasant moments so far, but certainly nothing that’s going to knock me off my feet. I am bringing my dreams to life, living my passion, and enjoying my life to it’s fullest.

What are you doing to live your dreams and share your passions?


Time for Training

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So Reach the Beach is in 3 months. Tour de Patrick starts in 11 days. And I think I’m going to run the Cox Half Marathon again this year, as it would be a great final long run prior to Reach the Beach.

And I haven’t started training for any of these yet…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working out 5-6 days a week as I always do, but with no specific goal other than to stay fit and in shape. Which, by the way, is truly fantastic.

I think I continue to put off training for these events because I’m enjoying my lack of training plan. All through 2011 and most of 2012 I trained and trained for events, followed plans, long runs, tempo runs, interval runs, you name it… I was always “stuck” to a plan. I haven’t been training for anything specific since August, but just going with the flow of whatever my body wanted to do – run long, run short, run fast, run slow, spin, weights, yoga, whatever.

I’m going to start tomorrow. It’s supposed to be 39 degrees and sunny around 10 a.m., which is when I should be able to get my run in. So it’s time to start – step 1 is training for Tour de Patrick. I would REALLY like a 5k PR – I did not get one in 2012 (I also only ran 2 5ks so there is that…). I’m not aiming for any specific time other than a PR – I was going to try to break 24 minutes but I don’t want to put that kind of pressure on myself with only a couple weeks to train. The best part about Tour de Patrick is that I have 3 opportunities to PR. The first race was a PR race for me in 2011 and so was the second. I know the second race has fantastic PR potential because it’s a flat out and back, so I’m going to try for it the hardest on that race. The third race is the most popular, usually super crowded, and has a couple of really nasty hills, so I’m just going to run that one for fun!

Here’s my plan:

Tuesdays: Intervals (1/4 mile @ 7:30 or better, 1/4 mile recovery) – whatever distance I cover with a proper warm up of course.

Wednesdays: Recovery run – again, whatever distance. Most of my running courses take me at least 3.5-4 miles so I’m not really worried about not covering enough distance.

Fridays: Tempo run. At least 3 miles, at least 7:55 or better if I want to PR.

I have all of this week and all of next week to complete these before the first race, then another week to complete them before the next two races. I’m going to add in yoga on Wednesday nights and kettlebell training on Thursdays and either Saturday or Sunday. One rest day per week, of course, it’s necessary.

It’s a very loose plan, but after being stuck to such stringent plans for so long, I’m just feeling like being a bit more free. Once it comes time to really crack down for Reach the Beach and (potentially) Cox Half, my plans will become more organized.

I also need to really start thinking about my Tough Mudder and Spartan Race training – but I think I’m going to leave that one up to the bf, since he’s experienced in these kind of things.

How do you train? Do you find you train better with a strict plan or a loose plan?


Shaking the Winter Blah’s

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Winter Blah Tweet

I have not been myself lately. I’ve been crabby, unmotivated, and (worst of all) hungry. ALL. THE. TIME. As in marathon training hungry but I’m not training for a marathon…and yesterday I found myself raging at every driver on the road as I drove into work.

Bad stuff folks. Especially when coupled with my no running challenge (which by the way was supposed to be a month, not two weeks like I had initially written…). Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since I last ran (other than the VERY short distances I’ve been running as I try to break into running in Five Fingers…and that’s all on the treadmill…).

Winter blahs + No Running = Grumpy grumpy me.

I’ve felt this way for a week now and I’m sick of it, so I’m planning on shaking the winter blahs – effective immediately.

Step 1: No running doesn’t mean no working out, right?! I have been very good in this department – ever since I started doing kettlebell workouts with the bf (right after the new year…). I’ve worked out at least 5 or more times every week – some kettlebell, some cardio, some miscellaneous other weight and/or core training, and of course yoga. Today I had a moment of “Oh I’ll just take another day off since I’m so tired and so sore…” because I couldn’t find my P90X X-Stretch DVD. As upsetting as this is, it’s no excuse to skip a workout. I have to be back at work at 4, so prior to starting my afternoon shift I plan on hitting the elliptical for 30 minutes. No excuses.

Step 2: Stop eating so much! I worked so hard to drop 10 pounds over the holidays, I’m not going to let a case of the winter blahs put all that weight back on my body. Especially with all of the active events I’m participating in this year! I know I need to just portion out my food into “me-size” portions, eat that, and then step away from the food. No more extra unnecessary snacks. Especially while not running – NOTHING keeps my body weight down as well as running does!

Step 3: Spend some time outside! As soon as the weather goes back above single digits that is.


The bf and I may be going to Vermont next weekend with some friends – if we do, I think I’ll take a snowboard lesson, or maybe go snow shoeing. And if we don’t, well I’ll be over my one month no running limit so I will be out RUNNING!

I already feel better just after writing all of this out…

Does winter and lack of outdoor activity affect your mood? How do you deal?


Short Term Goals: Weekly Check-in #1

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It’s already Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Kevin was away for the weekend so I found myself with lots of me time. What did I do? I went to the beach, I went to a seafood festival, I ran, and I went back to the beach. I didn’t do a single spec of work all weekend long and it was glorious!

Now that we’re back to the weekly grind, it’s time for me to check in and see how I did last week with my goals.

Goal #1 – Run 3-4 times per week. Mission accomplished. I ran two easy days, a speed day, and a long run for a total of 22 miles!

Goal #2 – Workout at least 5 days per week. Check! In addition to my 4 runs I attended an easy vinyasa yoga class, walked almost 2 miles with a client, and did a 30 minute circuit workout.

Goal #3 – Stretch 30 minutes per day, every day. This is a lot easier said than done. I stretched for an hour during yoga, and for 15 minutes after one of my runs. That’s it. Fail.

Goal #4 – Recommitting to no dairy. 95% accomplished. Sometimes I honestly just forget. Especially when I’m STARVING and in a hurry to get to the beach. Like yesterday. I waltzed right into Dunkin’ Donuts and ordered a roast beef and cheddar sandwich. Whoops. Other than that and two Dunkin’ iced coffees I did stay away. (Dear Dunkin’ Donuts: Please offer non-dairy cream options. I know I’m not the only one looking for it.)

So, 100% on 2 goals, 95% on 1 goal, and 5% on the final goal. That’s not bad! Now I know that I really need to force myself to fit in stretching and I also need to be more “with it” when I eat food that I’m not making.

Goals are the same for this week – only instead of my long run this week I’m climbing Mt. Washington with Kevin, my brother, my mother, and one of my mom’s friends. 

I am going to work very hard on getting all of that stretching in!

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Monday – wish me luck, my first day of my new job is tomorrow!


And We’re Back…

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Mostly. I still need to transfer my subscribers…but enough talk about the move.

I’m up, I’m running, and it’s time to get back to regularly scheduled business around here.

Regularly scheduled business being marathon training!

Last week I kicked off my 16 week Chicago Marathon training plan. For the most part my legs are incredibly happy with me, allowing me more speed and more strength than I was expecting. I am contributing it to the fact that I’ve been taking it very easy lately, full well knowing that the next 16 weeks will put the smack down on me.

Last week I accomplished some great runs, with strong finishes:

Monday’s run had an 8:48 mile finish.

Wednesday’s run took place in 95 degree weather, but was followed up 12 hours later by Thursday’s run!

Sunday’s run was an easy pace run with an 8:53 final mile.

More and more I’m starting to see the number 8 in front of my paces… It makes me SO happy, and I know that as long as I take care of myself and train smarter, not harder, I will continue to see these improvements.

on training SMARTER not HARDER…

The plan I am following calls for 5 runs per week. Tomorrow will be my 5th run this week, and I’m not really enjoying the quantity of runs. This week alone called for 3 easy runs. Why 3 easy runs? Especially right now, while I’m feeling fresh.

That is why I’m modifying the plan.

Step 1: Cut my runs down to 4 days a week.

Step 2: Run by feel on the non-speed, non-hill, non-long-run days…The paces in this plan are slow for me, right now. 9:55 runs throughout the week? Once in a while, yes. Like this morning – my legs were dead from all the other runs this week.

But – I can’t follow that all the time:



Thursday was also unintentional runstreak day 5 (granted Wednesday was only 1.2 miles on the treadmill as a pre-weights workout warmup…but a run nonetheless…), AND super hilly.

So you see – time for some tweakages (that’s totally a word) to the plan.

I’m thinking:

  • Run 4x a week – at least one tempo/speed session, one hill session, an easy recovery session, and a long run.
  • Upper body/core work twice a week (I went Wednesday for the first time in about 2 months – and followed along with Kevin’s routine – holy CRAP – I’m still sore…).
  • Yoga and/or spin as time allows. I’m switching gym’s so that I have a gym that actually offers classes – now to find make the time.

I’m also getting an old road bike fixed up so that I can ride outside, thanks to my bro for the donation.

I have a good feeling that this is going to be the ideal plan for me – I am also going to try following (as best as I can) the distances outlined on the plan I was originally using. They do increase for mid-week runs starting at week 5, and go up from there.

A good combo of strength, cross training, yoga, and of course running is going to help me meet my goals for Chicago!

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend – I’m off for 10 miles beachside tomorrow with Kevin, then headed to the beach for the day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Today is the Day…

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Day one of the next sixteen weeks of my life…

16 weeks that will probably have you sick of hearing the words “Chicago” and “Marathon”

16 weeks of torturing running with Kevin because he told me he’d run my training plan with me (if only the race wasn’t sold out…*evil laugh*)

16 weeks of kicking ass and taking names because I plan on owning this race come October.

Week 1 is an easy week:

Monday: Upper body/core workout

Tuesday: 4 miles @ 9:55 pace

Wednesday: Upper body/core workout (a.m.) 4 miles of hills (p.m.)

Thursday: 4 miles @ 9:55 pace (a.m.), yoga (p.m.)

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 4 miles @ 9:55 pace

Sunday: 9 miles @ 10 pace

Aside from a quick treadmill mile with my very first personal training client on Saturday morning, and some yardwork, I took the entire weekend off in preparation. My legs are really happy right now, I’m completely healed from my injury, and I’m ready to run.

We have 4 weeks until the Jamestown Half Marathon – the first race of the summer! That week will also be the beginning of the high mileage weeks involved in the plan I’m following – it tops out at 48 miles a week toward the end of the plan. I’m a tad nervous about that, since it typically takes me two weeks to run that many miles, but I trust in this plan and my body, I’m ready for it!

Is anyone else training for a fall marathon? What type of plan are you following?

Monday, Monday

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So, here we are, it’s Monday again (actually it’s Sunday night – all of my posts for this week are being pre-written now so I can get to studying. My NASM exam is in 11 days!). But, as usual, I want to perk up your Monday. Sit back and enjoy another round of what I am loving now!

1) Going temporarily planless.  From now until June 4th I am run planless.

That’s all. Just run. I ran 5 easy miles yesterday (first since last Sunday’s race) with Jess (I love love having a run partner!) and it was perfect. This week, I’m just going to see how I feel. Slow, short, fast, long? I don’t know. Whatever will be will be and I’m going to enjoy every planless second of it.

2) A new weight routine. I’ve owned the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD since it came out. Yet for some reason I’ve never followed through and actually tried a level past Level 1, nor have I ever used the DVD for a month straight. I’m going to do it twice a week for 4 weeks combined with running and yoga!

3) Speaking of yoga – I did headstand and tripod headstand in class on Saturday! It was pretty crazy – there were only 6 people in class (apparently not many like yoga at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday?) so as soon as the instructor saw I was attempting tripod headstand she came over to watch/guide me. She helped me get proper arm/head placement, and guided my legs up. Once my legs were up she only spotted me and I held it! Then she taught me traditional headstand, because I didn’t know the difference, and I held that also! I am so happy to see my yoga practice progressing like this!

4) David Guetta Pandora station. From work to laundry – this station keeps me moving!

5) Being trained and certified to help save lives. I took the Adult First Aid/CPR/AED Course from the American Red Cross last Tuesday. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I now how the know how to potentially save a life.

What are you guys loving this Monday? Spill it!