Cookies for Kids’ Cancer (GIVEAWAY!)

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Good morning! How would you guys like a giveaway to start your Sunday?

That’s what I thought…

A couple of weeks ago I received a package from OXO with two spatulas in it.  These aren’t just any spatulas though. These spatulas were designed to help raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer awareness. 

The purchase of every Limited Edition Cookie Spatula helps OXO  support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer as 50% of profits benefit pediatric cancer awareness, up to $100,000.

This is such a fantastic cause! You can learn even more about it by visiting  

This is a wicked awesome spatula, trust me you want one! The rounded and squared edges are perfect for scraping bowls, spoons, etc… The soft handle is very comfortable to hold. 

Today I’m going to give away one of these spatulas, along with a dozen of these cookies

Here’s how to enter (Leave one comment per entry):

  1. Tweet or post on Facebook about this giveaway (1 entry – Required): @runcupcake is giving away an OXO Good Cookie Spatula for Kids’ Cancer! Enter here:
  2. Tell me what your favorite kind of homemade cookie is (1 entry). Bonus entry if you give me a recipe to try.
  3. Send a virtual cookie (1 entry).
There you have it! 4 possible entries in to my Good Cookie Spatula giveaway. This giveaway closes at 9 p.m. (EST) tonight, so be speedy about it! 

If you don’t win, and you’d like to purchase one of these spatulas to donate to a great cause visit your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond,, or OXO Good Cookies Store Locator.

Good luck! 
Disclaimer: OXO gave me these spatulas free of charge, in exchange for this blog post and giveaway.  All ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.

And We Have a Winner…

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Good morning and Happy Saturday to you! It’s going to be a beautiful day here in Lil’ Rhody.  I’m headed down to Newport in a little while to pick up my race pack for tomorrow morning, and then off to the farm for the day.

I don’t have much else to tell you all this morning, except for this:

We have a winner for my Bendiful Watches giveaway!

I used the True Random Number Generator and came up with:

Congratulations, Jolene!

E-mail your address to runcupcake [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll get the watch out to you as soon as possible.  You are going to love it!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday!

My Kind Of Friday

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I started my day with a great P90X X-Stretch session, oh wow did I need that.  I felt GREAT afterward.

Then I went to the doctor’s office for my annual physical.  The nurse told me I’m down 7 pounds from last year.  WOW, YAY! I’m not trying to lose weight anymore, but that was the reason I started running.  Then the doc came in and reviewed my blood work with me – he was so impressed, and said to me “Your numbers (cholesterol, blood counts, etc…) show just how much you’ve been running.” It’s good to know that a year and a half of this running business has paid off in the health department.

Then of course I had to go to work and blah blah blah boring boring boring…

But, while I was at work being bored (even though I should have been busy – I totally had the Friday afternoon slump going on), I was tweeting (can I admit that here? Yeah, my boss doesn’t even know how to use a computer…). It dawned on me while tweeting that, since my dinner plans fell through, I was left without a plan (oh, the horror!). Pizza came to mind – since it is Carb Friday after all.  So of course I took my thoughts to Twitter:

And, I received some great responses – all of which I favorited because I will try each and every one of these.

It was Krissie’s reply that stood out the most. Brussel sprouts? On a pizza? (Notice how I don’t think pickles on a pizza is weird…) Was this just some strange way of using a vegetable that no one eats? (Okay, a lot of you probably eat brussel sprouts – I forgot they existed, honestly) Of course I had to check it out, so I headed on over to Stylish, Stealthy and Healthy and searched for this recipe.  Turns out, the recipe was something she came up with because she needed to use up leftovers.

HOLY SMOKES! The light bulb went off in my head – use what you have to create your pizza (although, I guess this wasn’t really my idea…perhaps the light bulb really said, “What a great idea to use leftovers to make pizza!” you know…if light bulbs could talk.)

I have leftover steak from Monday’s dinner.

I have way too many tomatoes.

I love vine ripened tomatoes

And I have banana peppers (I always have banana peppers – except right now, because I just ran out)

I swung by the grocery store on the way home for crust, sauce (I usually use homemade – but it’s all frozen), and cheese. And with that I created my steak, tomato, and banana pepper pizza!

I’d love to tell you that I stopped at these two pieces. But I devoured half of the pizza and could’ve gone back for more. I enjoyed it with a delightfully crisp, refreshing Pilsner Urquell (or 2…or 3…but who’s counting?)

Can someone please teach me how to slice a pizza so it still looks pretty?

I am going to enjoy the rest of my Friday by doing nothing.  My body is screaming at me to take it easy, and since it is two days before my race, I am doing just that. I already have my pajamas on. I think I’m going to just turn on the tv, zone out, and get to bed early.

I hope everyone had a great Friday.

Don’t forget – you have until tomorrow morning to enter my Bendiful giveaway. I will be picking a winner around 8 a.m. tomorrow so get your entries in!

Taking Advantage of Excess Energy

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I have been full of spunk since 5:10 a.m. Perhaps I was still riding the runner’s high of last night’s tempo miles? And now I’m using the excess energy that comes with an extra rest day? 

Day 1 of my 3 day taper and I have already gotten a lot done.  I….

baked for my foodie penpals package

…cleaned up my kitchen

…made lunch

…got ready for work

…packed up all my recipe folders, binders, stuffed animals, and some other miscellaneous stuff for the move (yes, I’m moving…)

…went to work and prepared for a two hour workers’ compensation claim review while multi-tasking all that other fun office manager stuff (Oh, to be working my dream job…I am, however, thankful that I have a job)

…didn’t fall asleep in aforementioned claim review, while managing constructive input and excellent note taking for future follow up (if I do say so myself)

…had enough energy to complete half of another (mindless) project at work (ah, I do love the occasional mindless project)

…came home and cleaned out a bunch of junk out of my kitchen while packing and cleaning

…finally sat down, gave myself a manicure and a pedicure while watching Dexter

Phew.  It’s amazing what you can do when you have extra energy because you didn’t run. All these speedy runs lately have my legs itching to go go go… and when they can’t, I need to occupy my mind and body or I’ll go crazy! 

Now I must go to bed. Tomorrow is my non-rest day of my three day taper.  I’ll start my day bright and early with some P90X X-Stretch before work and then a wicked fun night of packet pickup in Newport with one of my favorite friends and of course a fantastic Carb Friday dinner!

How was your Thursday? Anyone else as hyper as the crazy taper girl over here?

Don’t forget about my giveaway! Tomorrow is your last chance to enter.  I’ll pick a winner Saturday morning! 

Final Run, Superstitions, and Realizations

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Tonight I ran my final run before the Amica Half Marathon on Sunday and it went just as planned.  On the schedule was an easy warm up, two miles at race pace (~9 minute miles), and a cool down.  I averaged a 9:26 pace over the entire run, with the two middle miles both right around 8:58.  Coachy says perfect. Now I rest.

For three freakin’ days. Pardon me while I go crazy. They won’t be complete rest days of course – I need to stay limber, and I plan to do (my favorite) P90X Stretch on Friday morning. But I have very strict no running orders.  If I want to run a sub 2-hour half marathon I have to be running on very well rested legs that are just itching to run. 

So that’s that.  Three days of no running.  

Okay so I’m freaking out a little, even though I know it’s beneficial.  I’ve never actually taken that many days off before a race (not even both marathons – maybe I should have?). 

In other VERY exciting news, I received my bib # today. 

This is very exciting because I’m a little wicked superstitious. Not throw salt over my shoulder if I spill it, and 7 years of bad luck if I break a mirror superstitious.  Maybe superstitious isn’t the right word? I don’t really know…

Case in point.  I have a pair of lucky socks that I wear for every race, and every training run I feel like I may need luck.

I never take this necklace off. Ever. It’s simple and beautiful, and tells me every day what I need to do. 


And then there’s my lucky number. Which brings me to why my bib number is so important.

I will be bib # 1938 on Sunday.

My lucky number is 19.

19 x 2 = 38 (Woah, I just thought of this one.  Sub 2-hour is my goal – goes right along with my lucky number multiplied by 2…hooooooolllyyy crap)

See a pattern here? 

Plus it’s an even number.  And while I’m not OCD (at least not clinically diagnosed as so…), I have a strange dislike for odd numbers.

All of these items combined tell me one thing:

I am going to get out there on Sunday and I am going to kick ass. End. of. story.

And my final piece of news- the realization in the title – Sunday’s race is also special because it is the last race of my 20′s.  The next time I race will be on Thanksgiving, which is 5 days after I turn 30.  It’s bittersweet, but I’m looking forward to all the improvement, fun, and new adventures I have ahead of me, in my 30′s. 

Are you superstitious? Do you believe in good luck charms, omens, etc?

P.S. Have you entered my giveaway yet? It’s my first ever and it is GOOOOOOOD.  Check it out!

My First Giveaway: Bendiful Watches

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Good evening my darlings! Catchy title, huh?

Don’t know what a Bendiful watch is? Oh boy you are in for a treat! Here’s a brief description, for more visit where you can shop for watches (Free shipping through Saturday, October 15th!) and learn more about Renee, the founder of Bendiful.

Bendiful watches are funky and functional and great for a day at the office or a night out on the town. 

I was sent the Pink Square Black and Silver watch for my use/review.  I had just Tweeted a couple weeks prior to this giveaway opportunity that I was in love with this watch.  It’s so bold and, well, PINK! I love pink (right, like you didn’t know that!). 

These watches are so cleverly designed.  They slide on like a bracelet, but function like a watch.  Look closely – the beads are all held on by safety pins.  Talk about a totally different, great idea!

I’ve been wearing my watch for a week.  I love it.  It’s comfortable, it’s bold, it’s funky.  I’ve gotten compliments on it everywhere I wear it.  

What I really like about this watch is the durability. You know how some watches, after wearing them for a week, they already look worn out? The band, where your wrist hits your desk or keyboard or whatever, is scratched up, if it’s a metal band? Or if it’s a leather band, it’s worn from putting it on and taking it off already? Not a Bendiful watch.  I took the above pictures last night.  You’d never know I’d been wearing this watch for a week already.

The best part? The price. These watches go for $35 each. That is an incredible deal.  

Oh wait, there’s a couple of other really good parts too:

Bendiful creates custom watches! Contact them through their website if you are looking for a custom design. They offer a discount for 5 or more watches purchased at a time.

The other good thing?

You could win one! Right here! Bendiful sent me that beautiful pink watch for me to use and love, but they also sent me this beauty for one lucky reader:

This is the Aqua Rectangle watch.  Isn’t it adorable? The day I received these watches, this one matched the outfit I was wearing.  It was so hard to not want to keep them both for myself.  But, I can’t do that! This is a giveaway after all!

So, I know, get to the point already! How do I win a this watch?

Here’s how:
  1. “Like” Bendiful on Facebook or follow Bendiful on Twitter. (Required)
  2. Either be a follower of this blog or follow me on Twitter (@runcupcake). (Required)
  3. Tweet about this giveaway.  Something like: @runcupcake is hosting her first giveaway, an @Bendiful watch! Check it out here: (Optional)
  4. Like “Because I Can” on Facebook! (Optional)
Leave me a comment for each entry.  I’ll be picking a random winner Saturday morning!

Good luck! 


All Sorts of Good Stuff

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I’ve experienced a lot of good stuff lately! And since it is Monday, I will present it to you in the “What I love on Monday” style.

1) The weather. It has been beautiful here in Lil’ Rhody for the past few days.  Temperatures well into the 70′s and 80′s. I spent my weekend outside working at my grandparents farm, and it was perfect weather for it. I also went for a two mile walk on my lunch break today. Perfect.

2) Pumpkin beer. It may not feel like fall, but the calendar says it is.  Friday night I went out with friends to Mew’s Tavern in Wakefield, RI for dinner and drinks. They have a great beer menu item called the “Rack-O-Draughts”. It’s four 7-oz beer samples.  Imagine my joy when I realized there were enough pumpkin beers on the menu to make my ”Rack-O-Draughts” a ”Rack-O-Pumpkin Draughts”.  Oh yeah. I had, Cisco Pumple Drumkin (4), Post Road Pumpkin Ale (1), Wolaver’s Organic Pumpkin Ale (3), and UFO Pumpkin (2). I was going to review them, but I don’t really know how to review them, so the number in parentheses next to them is my rating, #1 being the best. I also had an 8 oz snifter of Southern Tier Pumking – holy moly that stuff is good. I need to find it in the store ASAP.

Like my rack?
Yummy beer makes me happy!

3) Great home cooked meals. I made myself the most amazing dinner tonight. I grilled a steak, threw together a simple side salad, and cooked up some of Mama Pea’s spanish quinoa.  So delish and so satisfying. I had never had quinoa before – I really like it.  I can’t wait to make more recipes with it. 

Mama Pea – I apologize for serving steak with your side dish. But it was really good.

4) Getting good news. I am now an official FitFluential Ambassador.  Cool, right? I’m very excited and can’t wait to get to work.  What’s that? Don’t know what FitFluential is? Click on the FitFluential badge on the right hand side of this page for all the details.

5) Getting faster. I had two totally butt kicking speed runs last week.  On Wednesday I ran 4 miles at an average 8:46 pace and on Friday I ran 3 miles at an average 8:28 pace.  Who am I?! I’m loving it because it really has my confidence boosted for my half on Sunday.

6) My first giveaway. What? What’s that you said? I said:


Yes, that’s right.  But not right now. Tomorrow. Remember last week when I said I had a surprise for you? 

Stay tuned, because tomorrow is the big day!

But for now…

I hope everyone had a great Monday! 

What do you love today?