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I feel like I’ve been all over the place with my writing lately. For a few weeks I was writing all my posts on the weekend, so I would have my nights to study or pay bills or do whatever life threw my way.

One of my very good friends, Jen, said something that really resonated with me on Saturday night:

“I like reading your blog because it’s real. You write like you talk.”

Lately, I haven’t been feeling that way. These pre-thought, pre-written posts, aren’t me. I’m a seat of the pants writer, so in the past couple of weeks I got back to writing at the end of the day.

Anyway enough rambling…

What I’m getting at is this:

You may see less posts from me than you are used to.

But these posts will have more quality.

They won’t feel “canned” or “forced” because I’ll write when I have something to write about.

If my day was boring – as in, I went to work, I ate my typical food, I came home, I ran, I went to bed. I’m not going to share it with you.

*side note to peeps who write “daily” blog posts about their lives – great for you! I’m not saying you’re boring, that would just make me boring because it’s not my style.*

But if I tried funky new food, or ran a super duper run, or had some sort of workout epiphany – be prepared for me to go on and on like you’re used to me doing. (Have I mentioned I am ALREADY seeing some fab bicep and shoulder definition after just 2 weeks?)

Am I even making any sense right now? Probably not so please bare (bear?) with me…

The other thing too is my priorities. I have a priority list of 5 very important things in my life.

Blogging is #4.


As much as I love blogging – it is not more important than:

1) NASM Certification (I have to take the test by May 28th)

2) Finding a new job. (I will get more into this – yes, I’m still gainfully employed. But the paycheck is about the only gain.)

3) Marathon training / getting into “personal trainer shape”

So you see, I love you, my readers. I love my blog. But I have to prioritize. And lets not forget sleep. In bed by 10, almost every night. I read for 30 minutes, then sleep for 7 hours. It keeps me sane, and not cranky.

So if my life takes a “boring day” or I REALLY need to study, blogging takes a back seat.

I hope you all understand and will still check in with me when I do write. (It will still most likely be 4+ times a week – I can’t stay away for more than that!)

XOXOXOXO Thanks for listening my loyal awesome readers.


14 thoughts on “Life and Blogging

  1. Quality over quantity right? I’m like you, seat of the pants writer. I sometimes wonder why anyone reads. I don’t usually touch on anything super important or deep. I just talk. And ramble…LOL I pretty much lay it out there full on honest how I am in life I guess. See, even my comments are rambly ;-)

      • You’re right – Heather writes how she talks in real life. I dig that about her (and you)! I’m glad you’re going for quality vs. quantity, and blogging for YOU above all else. I think that’s so important!!

  2. Back to being you…that’s what this is all about. Blog for you, when you have time, and when you want to. Not because you feel you have to. Priorities are priorities for a reason, right? ( and yay for arm definition! rock on!)

  3. Definitely think its awesome to keep it all in perspective and not do it in a forced way. I took a lot of pressure off myself on the blogging side of things and it feels SO much better!!! You do you and we’ll still love!

  4. I totally understand, but am bummed it’ll mean fewer posts from you. Your blog is one I look forward to reading and think about, not just see a new post and go “Oh yea she’s kinda cool”. Good luck with everything.

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